Withdraw fiat to bank account

  1. Choose bank account to withdraw to by get bank accounts API.

  2. Remember bankAccountId for chosen bank account.

  3. Choose the portfolio wallet you want to withdraw from by usingĀ get accounts API. Remember portfolioId for chosen account.

  4. Create order using create order API with these parameters:

     + POST /platform/orders
     + Request (application/json)
         "externalOrderId": "F7FCCFD3-B61B-4467-B456-B0FC27CE4494",  // Unique identifier
         "orderType": "withdraw",
         "baseCurrency": "USD", // Fiat currency to withdraw
         "amount": "100", // amount to withdraw
         "portfolioId": "46", // chosen portfolioId
         "toBankAccountId": "67"      // chosen bankAccountId