Move funds between accounts

  1. Choose the portfolios from/to where you want move funds usingĀ get accounts API. Remember portfolioIds for chosen accounts.

  2. Create order using create order API with these parameters:

     + POST /platform/orders
     + Request (application/json)
         "externalOrderId": "F7FCCFD3-B61B-4467-B456-B0FC27CE4494",   // Unique identifier
         "orderType": "withdraw",
         "baseCurrency": "ETH", // currency to move
         "mainCurrency": "ETH", // what blockchain/vault wallet to use when moving
         "amount": "42", // amount to move
         "portfolioId": "46",   // from this portfolioId
         "toPortfolioId": "7"   // to this portfolioId