Download balances or NAV report

There are a few steps which must be completed to download a report.

Create a report

+ POST /platform/reposrts/wallets/{report-type} // "wallets-snapshots" or "net-asset-values" 

+ Response 201 Created
    "fileId": "invoice-reports/f03380b714732592a42e57ccdfd591e9.xlsx"

After the first step is completed, Copper will start the report generation. This process may take a while…

The next step is to download the report. You will receive a 404 (Not Found Error) until the report is generated, please carry on pull this route until 200 OK response.

+ GET /platform/files/{fileId}

+ Response 200 OK
  Binary Data

For example: GET /platform/files/invoice-reports/f03380b714732592a42e57ccdfd591e9.xlsx